We are Men of
Value and Principal.

During the time of big college decisions and finalizing fraternity choices, we'd like to offer a different perspective of who we are. We believe in being brothers for each other. We base our strength on our small size and tight brotherhood. We strive to create educated leaders on campus who will one day change the world. Brother James talks about his experience.


Building Brotherhood

The core of our purpose is to be links to each other. We build these links through all sorts of brotherhood events. College is a limited amount of time that will go by very fast, but the relationships we build forge strong teammates, corworkers, and friends for years to come.


Our Brothers support
the Special Olympics!

We were very excited with the turn out for the start of our philanthropy week. Our brothers organized events like the Tomato A Tau (throwing water balloons at us, in lieu of tomatoes), Sig Tau Cappella (watch the manly men fill the auditorium with their voices), and finally Sig Tau Spring Cup (soccer game, who will be our winner?). Thank-you everyone!!!


Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, Epsilon Xi Chapter of Saint Louis University. Looking for our Rush Schedule? Click Here!

Men of Value and Principles

Cody Hoser shares an experience where he practices the value of benefit
I just talked to a homeless woman outside the shady shell for like a good 20 minutes. I was raised, probably similar to most of you, to just keep walking and to not acknowledge these "beggars." But I did stop for some strange reason. She was crying and I reached for my wallet just to shut her up. She stopped my arm as it inched behind me. "Don't you dare give me any of your money, young man, not until you hear how I got here." She showed me some IRS foreclosure paper on a house that she claimed to be hers dated last week. She had been on disability for a few years for a knee problem which she lifted her pant leg to show me a very very swollen knee cap. After the bank took her house, her only move was to go to her abusive ex-boyfriend. Why? Her mother died 4 years ago and her father 4 months after her. Out of her 12 siblings, who I was shown a picture of, 5 were murdered due to gang violence, 2 overdosed on heroine, 3 remain alive just to be drug addicts, and the other 2 left years ago and lost contact with their broken family. This abusive ex reverted to old habits and beat this woman once more. Only this time, the neighbors caught wind and arrested him. She was taken to the hospital and treated until they realized she could not pay for it. They told her her belongings had been moved to an abused women shelter somewhere in the city. They put her on a bus that dropped her on grand and she made her way to the gas station and did what she had to do. Does it all sound extremely convenient? Yes. Could it all have some big hoax so that she could buy drug/alcohol/etc? Again, yes. But in my 18 years of existence I have never seen anyone more appreciative to receive 3 dollars from some college kid. She hugged me and kissed both my cheeks and thanked me probably 30 times before I left for the library and her for the bus stop. Fake or not, taking 20 minutes out of my privileged life to talk to this woman made me feel like a good person, a gentleman, someone my mother would proud to call her son. It made so proud to be apart of Sigma Tau Gamma, which is full of true gentleman made up of moral principle who I am sure if put in my shoes would have stopped and listened. I am so proud of every man in this brotherhood for everything that they have accomplished and will accomplish in a future not so far away. If you made it all the way here, to the end of my story, thank you. Moral of the story: We are Sig Tau, Proud to be Sig Tau, Sig Tau for life. Happy Monday.

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Brotherhood - Our Core

Jacob Jewulski and James Schier believes in the strong value of brotherhood.
Before you can build a bridge, before you can begin working on a research project, before you can put the first pencil down to paper, you need to get to know the people that will be standing by your side every step of the way. Brotherhood is crucial to strengthening the link between each other. I learned from an older peer and a great leader that brotherhood remains through hard times and good, and that it comprises the foundation of a tough, dedicated group of young men. Whatever the occasion may be, a dinner dance at the White Rose Formal, or planting flowers and weeding at a local community garden to brighten the streets and lives of St. Louis, we work to strengthen friendships that will last a lifetime. These connections open doors to opportunities later in life, like finding coworkers at job, finding a business partner to being investing in a brilliant idea, or just having a getaway with some old friends to escape the structured and static lives many of us have been entrapped into. We don’t just build temporary bonds, we create men that will stand by one another’s side for the rest of their lives, just as our founding fathers stood by each other’s side during the second World War.

Being a Brother of Sigma Tau Gamma opens many doors for its members. It is a support system of brothers who care about the overall well being of one another. Whether it is aiding in the rigor of academics, or supporting the greater community. The Gentleman of Sigma Tau Gamma will always be utilizing the tools that each individual member possesses, making the collective the best that it can be. We are of the mindset that a potential new member of the fraternity does not need to be broken down and rebuilt to what we think they should be, rather we choose our members based on their attributive qualities and enrich upon them. Joining a fraternity is an important decision in ones life, it is more than a four year commitment, it becomes a way of life. Sigma Tau Gamma forms the individual in such way that members are constantly and consistently living " A Path Of Principles" for now and for many years to come.
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